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Machinist (2004)

It’s a must to watch till end high-quality movie.

Director: Brad Anderson

Protagonist: Christian Bale

Protagonist (Trevor) is pushed to pay out for his sin in his present life. The sin is about hiding a crime done about a year ago.

The negative karma’s payment is coming not only through the suffering of his physical body (he is not capable to get some sleep; having bad anorexia), but also via his psycho (hallucinations; memory loss, etc).

One of the psychological disorders is the protagonist’s interaction with Ivan, a brutal unpleasant man, who is not visible for other people. At the certain moment, Trevor realized that the brutal man is himself, his own (imaginarily) transformation, which has happened with him due to his sin.

Realization of this is awakening his memory and causing an internal protest, which is pushing Trevor to announce his crime to the police.

Excellent play of the protagonist by Christian Bale.

The name of the movie is neutral – it’s not cold or hot, it’s nor giving any hint for the plot, neither misleading. However, it would be perfect if the name could reflect the spiritual core of the story.

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