Questions & Answers 49-60

Ann asks questions from Rob

49. Q: What does it mean to listen to myself?

A: Observe and compare things around you; ask yourself which VALUES you appreciate the most.

50. Q: It’s hard to make a choice towards the Light. Can I pray for release?

A: Yes, you can pray for release, but most beneficial would be to pray for spiritual STRENGTH.

51. Q: Why should I go for spiritual STRENGTH?

A: You will get a “bonus” for the next challenge and enrich yourself with energies of higher qualities.

52. Q: Why praying helps?

A: You show respect to the higher power entities and transform yourself into a higher being.

53. Q: What does this transformation mean?

A: It means getting internal HARMONY, PEACE and CALMNESS.

54. Q: I want to have an easy life. I don’t want spiritual strength. Can I pray for release?

A: You can pray for release, but please REMEMBER you will face the same spiritual challenge sooner or later.

55. Q: Why do I have to get the spiritual challenge? I have a family, kids and a job to care of, isn’t it enough?

A: You are under the Universal Law of Evolution, which means you SHOULD develop your spiritual being.

56. Q: I have never heard about the “spiritual being” neither at home nor at school. Therefore,  I believe ONLY in my physical body.

A: There are six other bodies besides your physical body. Unfortunately, the Western system of education does not describe them at all.

57. Q: Is there any proof of them? I believe ONLY in the things which I can see with my eyes or touch with my hands.

A: Yes. It’s possible to see your etheric and astral bodies by doing some exercises.

58. Q: OK. I can see three bodies of mine. How about the rest?

A: Mental body is hard to catch by the “average eye”. But there are official medically registered cases when a person lived a normal life with a badly damaged brain or only part of the brain.

59. Q: How about the last 3 bodies? What are they?

A: Causal, Buddhic, and Atman bodies. Source Of Information: “Higher World” by L. Streljnikova, l. Seklitova

60. Q: What are these bodies for?

A: They are protective and supportive covers for the human soul. Source Of Information: “Higher World” by L. Streljnikova, l. Seklitova