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Supernatural Time-Traveling Thriller with Sci-fi and Metaphysics






About Redemption.

A powerful female tech executive is thrown into turmoil as haunting images from an unknown past intrude into her life. A desperate trip to a psychic unleashes a series of past lives that bring her face-to-face with a mysterious man who has followed her throughout time.  





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It doesn't matter whether you're a king living it up in some grand palace or a slum dweller fighting for survival in a cardboard shack; no one is exempt. Death comes for us all.

But what if death isn't the end? What if it is simply a link in a reincarnation chain that spans over the course of centuries and millennia? What if all of us are trapped in an endless cycle of lives, doomed to suffer and die over and over again? Wouldn't you want to break free?



Readers love Redemption

Customer Reviews 4.5-4.7  out of 5 stars
"Redemption is a fascinating and epic journey into human history, seen through the eyes of a woman who is suddenly stirred to ask, what is the purpose of life?"
"Redemption is a unique novel that blends sci-fi, history and philosophy. The story starts in the future but the reader eventually goes on a journey through different time periods in the past."
"Jacklyn A. Lo has done a marvellous work at narrating the story. The flow of the story is truly +captivating with simple language. The emotions of various scenes are described so wonderfully that you can't help feel them for yourself."
"Redemption is a unique novel that blends sci-fi, history and philosophy; a supernatural, spiritual, romance, sci-fi, and speculative fiction adventure. The story starts in the future but the reader eventually goes on a journey through different kinds of lifetimes."



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Excerpt One

“Your wish is my command, my lady.” Rob bowed in mock supplication, as though addressing an empress. “May God bless you!”. 


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Excerpt Two

“You appear to have missed your turn again, gorgeous.” Startled out of her daydream, Ann glanced across at her E-A device, sitting in its holder on the dashboard. 


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Excerpt Three

“Well, that was a most enjoyable vacation,” Ann said as she steered her car away from her apartment building. “Though I’m not entirely certain I could call it restful!”


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The year 2045. Ann, a high-powered executive, working in an Artificial Intelligence International, is at the pinnacle of success. That is, until strange and elusive images begin to haunt her nights, slowly spilling into her days.


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