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Questions & Answers 73-84

Ann asks questions from Rob

73. Q: Is any transformation applicable if a spiritual entity chooses the direction towards darkness?
A: Yes. It’s the transformation towards brutality.

74. Q: Any examples?
A: Lucifer. The transformation from the brightest angel to the Darkest entity – Satan.

75. Q: Why did this transformation happen to Lucifer?
A: He couldn’t resist his pride. To make an opposition to God was his spiritual choice – the choice towards darkness.

76. Q: Why is it so hard to make a spiritual choice towards the Light?
A: The main reason is that a human being is supposed to abandon a MOST valuable asset from the physical world.

77. Q: But Lucifer was a spiritual entity, he didn’t belong to the physical world
A: The free will feature was generously given to angels as well.

78. Q: The spiritual choice of Abraham, who was supposed to have sacrificed his son Isaac, always terrified me. Should I have to give away my own child in accordance to move towards the Light?
A: If you are not a personal friend of God and you didn’t get your child at the age of 90  as a present from God – there is nothing to be afraid of :).

79. Q: How much time will I have for my decision of the spiritual choice?
A: From few seconds, like in the first & fourth lives of Ann (Mi & Helen), up to a few months, like in Ann’s second & third lives (Ra & Isabelle).

80. Q: What is the main disadvantage of making a choice towards darkness?
A: Loss of your free will and slavery by the Prince of Darkness.

81. Q: What is the main advantage of making a choice towards the Light?
A: ENLIGHTENMENT and EXPANDED VISION, access to IDEAS and the opportunity to become a CREATOR.

A: We suffer due to our imperfections.

83. Q: How is imperfection affecting our happiness?
A: Our imperfect consciousness leads us to limited vision; limited vision – to blocked opportunities; the blocked opportunities – to wrong paths taken; wrong paths taken – to loss of time, energy and as the end result – confusion; confusion- to disappointment & frustration; disappointment & frustration – to suffering.

84. Q: How can you improve consciousness?
A. A shortcut for improving your consciousness is a spiritual choice towards LIGHT.


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