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Questions & Answers 25-36

Ann asks questions from Rob

25. Q: Would one choice towards LIGHT be enough to become a CREATOR?

A: No. You have to prove your direction towards LIGHT by making choices many times.

26. Q: How many choices am I supposed to make?

A: It depends on how good you are in the making of those choices.

27. Q: What does it mean to be good in making choices? 

A: How good you are at carrying out life’s script, performing well, and how consistently you are choosing the RIGHT direction.

28. Q: What does it mean to perform well?

A: A shortcut for improving A: To set up goals and to reach them.

29.Q: What is a time frame for my upcoming spiritual choices?

A: You would have them across tens, hundreds or maybe even thousands of lives.

30. Q: I don’t believe in past lives. I have only one life. Is it OK?

A: It’s fine. Your belief is a reflection of your current level of consciousness.

31. Q: Does it mean with an upgrade of my consciousness I will see my past lives?

A: With an upgrade of your consciousness you will upgrade your vision. Upgraded vision will bring the past lives (reincarnation) concept naturally to you.

32. Q: My neighbour goes to church every week, looks neat and talks nice. Does he have higher consciousness than me?

A: Not necessarily. He might be following a copy-paste behaviour pattern.

33. Q: I afraid of a war with robots. Their memory capacity & operating power are beyond that of any human. How can we survive in a war with them?

A: A key differentiation of humans from robots is our SPIRITUAL CORE. ENHANCED VISION, WISE LEADERSHIP & CREATIVITY are our key WIN factors.

34. Q: How many choices towards LIGHT do I have to do to become a CREATOR myself?

A: You have to make many choices towards LIGHT within a long chain of lives.

35. Q: What is the ultimate goal of a human being?

A: The ultimate goal of a human being is redemption from the physical reality and acquisition of spiritual immortality.

36. Q: How can I  reach the ultimate goal of a human being?

A:  By exercising spiritual choices towards the Light through the chain of lives, you’ll gain the ultimate goal of a human being – redemption & immortality.



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