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Questions & Answers 1-12

Ann asks questions from Rob

1. Q: What is the greatest tragedy of human beings? 
A: A loss of faith in God.

2. Q: What is the difference between Trust and Faith? 
A: Trust is belonging to a person. Faith is belonging to God.

3. Q: Who is God? 
A: The entity with perfect consciousness.

4. Q: What is consciousness? 
A: The ability to see things.

5. Q: What is perfect consciousness? 
A: The ability to see things much more beyond the ability of any human being.

6. Q: Is there any perfect leader on the Earth?
A: NO. Perfect leadership requires perfect vision. Perfect vision requires perfect consciousness.

7. Q: Is human consciousness steady? 
A: No. Consciousness is the subject of evolution (and involution).

8. Q: How can you improve consciousness? 
A: A shortcut for improving consciousness is making the RIGHT Spiritual Choice.

9. Q: What is a Spiritual Choice?
A: A Spiritual Choice is a major choice in life, towards God or Satan, good or evil, light or darkness.

10. Q: How do you make the RIGHT Spiritual Choice?
A: A RIGHT spiritual choice is a choice based on your values and direction.

11. Q: How can you define your values? 
A: By observing things around, thinking, and separating important things from trivial stuff.

12. Q: Can I avoid a spiritual choice? 
A: No. A spiritual choice is a MUST milestone in the evolution of any human being.


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