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Questions & Answers 61-72

Ann asks questions from Rob

61. Q: Ideas are easy to get, right?
A: Not at all. An entity towards light is gifted to get access to ideas. An entity towards darkness is blocked to ideas.

62. Q. Does it mean that the entity towards darkness cannot have any ideas?
A: The only way to get ideas for that entity is to steal or to buy.

63. Q: What is a human’s soul?
A: Soul is a complex matrix/container for collecting high-end energies. Reference to the book of L. Strelnikova, L. SeklitovaSecrets of the Upper Worlds” 

64. Q: I’ve heard about the soul, but never believed in it. Is there any “official” proof of it?
A: Yes, there is. Scientists have confirmed the weight and image of the soul. But the major evidence is the reincarnation of the soul.

65. Q: I was raised in a Catholic family, but never heard about the reincarnation either from parents or priests.
A: The theory of reincarnation was blocked from Christianity in 553 AD by Roman Emperor Justinian I. Recommendable read: “The Anathemas” by Victor E. Smith.

66. Q: Does it mean that early Christians believed in reincarnation?
A: Yes. They believed in reincarnation, souls and in Jesus as a “normal” human being. A good book: The Aquarian Gospel Of Jesus The Christ.

67. Q: I always thought that Jesus was God, not a normal human being.
A: He was a human, but He transformed Himself into God.

68. Q: How would this transformation appear?
A: Via a search of YOUR TRUE-SELF following YOUR life-script and spiritual choices towards the Light!

69. Q: Which spiritual choices did Jesus make in his life?
A: The most challenging temptations came directly from Satan itself, who was seeking to compromise Jesus’ attitude toward God. But Jesus triumphed over Satan.

70. Q: Jesus triumphed over Satan, but got a terrible death. Was it worth it?
A: Jesus died in the temporal physical world and got immortality in the spiritual eternity. It’s your choice!

71. Q: What is the difference between love and lust?
A: Love is about giving and lust is about taking.

72. Q: Where else can I read more about the transformation from human to God?
A: Redemption novel by Jacklyn A. Lo.


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