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Questions & Answers 85-96

Ann asks questions from Rob

85. Q: Is there another way to prevent suffering?
A: Find and follow a leader, one with higher consciousness than yours.

86. Q: Is it that easy – just to find a leader and follow him?
A: No, it’s very difficult – you have to TRUST him.

87. Q: Why are we afraid of challenges?
A: Because most of us are NOT capable to see OPPORTUNITIES behind the wall.

88. Q: I’m dating a girl, but she has some problems. Should I go for another one?
A: You can go for another one, but please remember – NOBODY is perfect.

89. Q: I am nice and beautiful, but those around are nasty and ugly. Why is that?
A: The ability to see things A: This is due to your imperfect consciousness. When (if) you improve your consciousness, you will see a sense of humour, courage, passion and love in “those around”.

90. Q: I never understood the praying “Thank you, Lord, for giving us food!”. It’s me who earns money and gives food to my kids!
A: Everything is giving to us, whether it’s a job, money, kids or bread.

91. Q: My girl-friend uses drugs. She said she wanted to reach Nirvana. She insists that I try drugs too. What should I do?
A: Drugs are a TRAP! It’s a weapon of the Prince of Darkness to get more souls in his pool. Reaching the real Nirvana is hard work via Spiritual Choice Towards Light.

92. Q: One dude said a Church is a fake. Should I go there?
A: Yes, you should. The church is one of the purest places to be and to send your gratitude or a request to a Higher World.

93. Q: Why should I express my gratitude?
A: First of all, everyone enjoys positive feedback :). Secondly, you enrich your energy bodies with a subtle spectrum of energies.

94. Q: Why is Church pure?
A: Candles, bells, scents and prayers make the Church a clean and ideal place to send your message to the higher worlds.

95. Q: Can I purify my own home?
A: Yes, you can, but please remember – first clean your storage rooms! Feng Shui tips.

96. Q: I hate money. My brother-in-law has a lot of it and drives Lamborghini. I hate this too. Can we live without money?
A: Money is a tool for the motivating people and a universal tool for payment for goods and services. Eliminating money will lead people to confusion and loss.


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