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Questions & Answers 37-48

Ann asks questions from Rob

37. Q: How many directions do I have in the spiritual choice?
A: You have two directions and one sub-direction in the spiritual choice.

38. Q: What are those directions?
A: Direction to light and direction to darkness.

39. Q: What is a sub-direction?
A: It’s a degradation.

40. Q: What does degradation mean?
A: Degradation of a human being means regression in his evolution and loss of the previously gathered energies.

41. Q: What does practically degradation mean for a human being?
A: The entity, which has been exercising degradation for several lives, becomes unprofitable and it is a subject to liquidation.

42. Q: What does liquidation mean?
A: Decoding the soul, erasing the personality, spiritual death.

43. Q: How do you avoid degradation?
A: The best way to avoid degradation is to choose your personal DIRECTION.

44. Q: Which options for direction do I have?
A: Direction to light or direction to darkness.

45. Q: I do not feel comfortable in choosing the direction to LIGHT. Is that wrong?
A: A choice of a direction is the full responsibility of a spiritual entity. The most important thing is to choose a DIRECTION.

46. Q: Which values would lead me to the direction of light?
A: FREEDOM, LOVE, COURAGE, PEACE, HOPE, etc. See five samples of the choices in Redemption novel by Jacklyn A. Lo.

47. Q: What else is affecting a spiritual entity in its choice of direction?
A: The choices that it has made in past lives.

48. Q: How do I know which previous choices I’ve done before?

A: Dig out your TRUE SELF: eliminate surrounding “noise” and listen to YOURSELF.


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