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Questions & Answers 13-24

Ann asks questions from Rob

13. Q: How can I avoid the WRONG Spiritual Choice? 

14. Q: What does it mean to be INDIVIDUAL? 
A: Being an INDIVIDUAL means to be independent of the views and opinions of others.

15. Q: Is to be INDIVIDUAL in line with God’s purpose for human beings? 
A: Yes. To be INDIVIDUAL is in line with God’s free will feature.

16. Q: What is free will?
A: Free will is a generous feature, which God gave to humans targeting our variety and non-copy-paste individuality.

17. Q: Why is the free will feature generous?
A: It would require much fewer resources for God to run a human-being without the free will.

18. Q: What would happen if there was no free will? 
A: We would run own life’s program without any choice.

19. Q: What is Fate?
A: Fate is a program (script), which is written for a human individually.

20. Q: Are fate and free will co-existing?
A: Fate and free will are co-existing. Check Ann-Rob’s dialogue in the Redemption by Jacklyn A. Lo.

21. Q: What happens if I do a WRONG spiritual choice?
A: You’d lose your energy & time. It’s equal to a swim against the mainstream.

22. Q: Is it easy to make a spiritual choice towards LIGHT?
A: No. It’s a big CHALLENGE to make a spiritual choice towards LIGHT.

23. Q: Why is it difficult to make the choice towards LIGHT?
A: There is a huge resistance of materialistic reality to high-vibrational intangibles.

24. Q: I don’t like challenges. I want an easy life. Why do I have to make a choice towards LIGHT?
A: It’s an opportunity for YOU to become a CREATOR.


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