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City of Angels (1998)

Gentle supernatural romance with sad end.

Director: Brad Silberling

Stars: Nicolas Cage, Meg Ryan

In a few words, I would describe this movie as “human world vs angels city.” An excellent implementation of the story, with intangible matters and thin entities in the movie.

Great play of the main actors – Nicolas Cage, Meg Ryan.

The plot is based on the concept of Free Will, which allows any spiritual entity to make its own choice. Such a choice is done by Seth. Originally, angel, he started to desire to become a human due to his love for a woman. Seth got what he wanted, but his happiness wasn’t long-lasting. The love story ends tragically, revealing the non-perfect humans’ world for what it is and pointing out the big risks of having a human’ existence.

PS My dying husband was staring at something behind my left shoulder in the same manner as dying Meggie was watching behind Seth’ś shoulder. I was talking to him and he always looked at my face, but not that day. It was several hours before he was gone. I was curious what the entity was looking like, but I didn’t ask. My intention was to encourage him for the transition to another world, but I was afraid that the entity had an awful appearance and I would spoil the last moments of his life by emphasizing on the matter. However, if “it” was looking like Seth- its not terrible at all and this gives me a release :).

Thank you for the wonderful movie helping us to clarify a reality beyond the border! 

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