The Wolf of Wall Street

The slogan of the movie: The way to Light via filth or high-risk taking approach on the way to PERFECTION.

Striving for a DREAM is a “feature” of the direction to the LIGHT.

The main hero has a dream – to become rich. He also has excellent sales skills – a help to implement his dream.

At the certain moment, the protagonist should make a choice – whether to keep a low-risk approach, to continue being nice with a low probability to achieve his dream or to take a high risk & sink into the filth with a higher probability to catch his dream. He chooses the second one.

Typically drugs, sex outside of the official marriage and commercial fraud are considered as weapons of Satan. However, in this particular story, these “weapons” are just a DETAIL on the way to perfection!

Amazing story, amazingly implemented. 10 points out of 10! 

Must to watch to the end!

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