Mr. Nobody (2009)

The film “Mr. Nobody” is a bizarre mix of fantasy, sci-fi, drama, romance and spirituality.

In short, it’s about a human and his choice, the choice that could change the life whether this or that way.

An old man has problems with his memory. With the help of a psychic, he travels into a number of scenarios of his life. This sets up his future, as he wakes up with different partners and in different situations.

It could be explained by the theory that there are a few different parallel worlds where everyone has different lives.     

A little nuance in the situation influences the choice of a human being and the human is getting a new life scenario.

Another concept represented in the movie is “chose your parents” before you’re born, so everything is defined by choices.

My favourite part is the futuristic element, because of the sci-fi innovative ideas, which are well-implemented into the movie.

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