Intangible values

Values of Lights: Freedom, Love, Courage, Peace, Hope, etc.

Values of Darks: slavery, hatred, fear, war, despondency, etc.

City of Angels (1998)

Gentle supernatural romance with sad end.

Director: Brad Silberling

Stars: Nicolas Cage, Meg Ryan

In a few words, I would describe this movie as “human world vs angels city.” An excellent implementation of the story, with intangible matters and thin entities in the movie.

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Machinist (2004)

It’s a must to watch till end high-quality movie.

Director: Brad Anderson

Protagonist: Christian Bale

Protagonist (Trevor) is pushed to pay out for his sin in his present life. The sin is about hiding a crime done about a year ago.

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Shutter Island (2010)

Drama thriller with a karmic aspect.

Director: Martin Scorsese

Protagonist: Leonardo DiCaprio

I got a link to Shutter Island (SI) via a review of the movie Lazarus Project, which was said to have similarities to SI.

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