Catch Me If You Can

An amazing true story with SPIRITUAL CHOICE.

Director: Steven Spielberg

The actors Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio have been playing protagonists so naturally as if they were those characters themselves!

I like the very beginning. TV watchers supposed to find out a true Frank among three men. I especially enjoyed the question from the interviewer regarding a CHOICE. The question has been addressed to the first Frank, the fake one. Unfortunately, Steven Spielberg decided to address to a real Frank a NEW question and missed an opportunity to make the play stronger by giving a “chance” to answer: ” I didn’t have any choice.”

By answering that, the real Frank would have gained an extra dose of mystery, which is always good for a thriller, and he might have also gotten some additional sympathy from the audience. In short, it would have added a few cents to the character development.

That answer would have been a powerful attention grabber for the watchers, who would be waiting for an explanation, and the interpretation would come through the story itself.

Now, why didn’t the real Frank have any choice?

This is what we see in the movie:

The boy was thrown into turmoil due to the divorce of his beloved parents. Thrashing between mom and dad, Frank, to avoid an emotional storm, runs away from both of them. After this point, he has been pushed to do what he could for survival, without being given any choice. The teenage boy started to face the cruelty of the materialistic reality – each independent step is costing MONEY.

Already, before his parents’ divorce, we observe that Frank had a high self- defence “mechanism” – episode of his transformation into a school-teacher.

Using the inheritance from his father – the “mice pray” and the empty bank checks, Frank, thanks to his cleverness, is gaining success, ensuring his physical and emotional survival.

As a matter of fact, he faces a REAL SPIRITUAL CHOICE and hesitation of a decision at the end of the movie. Frank is supposed to decide – whether to continue with the FBI or to shift to the illegal “freestyle” life.

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