Lazarus project (2008)

A disappointing experience. Nothing to learn

Director: John Glenn (as John Patrick Glenn)

I picked this movie up because it was on the list of the movies with Spiritual Awakening. However, it was a disappointing experience.

Intriguing begging with a glimpse of an Enlightening idea failed to be developed into a good plot for the story.

The script was written callously, it lacks basic logic, and the spiritual core totally collapses; there ISN’T anything to learn.  

The protagonist (Ben) for the NEW LIFE given is not only ungrateful for that, but he also becomes a trouble maker for all people around him, including the members of his own family. 

In the NEW life the return home is the obsession of the protagonist.

Ben, who at the beginning of the movie failed to reach any “basic” challenge – neither to find a new job, nor to succeed in his criminal action; at the end of the movie, becomes" illegal without doubt " and appears in front of his family with empty hands and an awful track of records.

It looks like the director of the movie primarily focuses on the commercial success, not on teaching an audience anything. 

I rated this movie a generous 3 stars for the beautiful eyes of the protagonist ONLY.


The Machinist .movieMachinist (2004)

It's a must to watch till end high-quality movie


Director: Brad Anderson

Protagonist: Christian Bale

Protagonist (Trevor) is pushed to pay out for his sin in his present life. The sin is about hiding a crime done about 1 year ago. The negative karma's payment is coming not only through the suffering of his physical body (he is not capable to get some sleep; having bad anorexia), but also via his psycho (hallucinations; memory loss, etc).

One of the psychological disorders is the protagonist's interaction with Ivan, a brutal unpleasant man, who is not visible for other people. At the certain moment, Trevor realized that the brutal man is himself, his own (imaginarily) transformation, which has happened with him due to his sin.

Realization of this is awakening his memory and causing an internal protest, which is pushing Trevor to announce his crime to the police.

Excellent play of the protagonist by Christian Bale.

The name of the movie is neutral – it's not cold or hot, it's nor giving any hint for the plot, neither misleading. However, it would be perfect if the name could reflect the spiritual core of the story.

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The Thirteenth Floor (1999)

Entertaining but a shallow movie

13th Floor

 Director: Josef Rusnak

"The Thirteenth Floor" is a mix of sci-fi, mystery, spiritual, romance and action. My review is mostly about a spiritual side of the plot.

There are 3 main spiritual ideas in the movie: 1. Transfer of consciousness 2. Creation of virtually programmed world 3. Multi-layered reality

Glued together these thrilling ideas are working entertaining, but not answering the main question: How the developers of the virtual world created a consciousness?

This question is not only non-answered, but it's totally ignored and leading to a number of doubts: 1. Where do the consciousness of the virtual people disappear to when an upper-level entities-hosts enter their bodies? 2. How does a virtual person remember what his host has been doing in his body?

And so on…

We have to remember that creation of consciousness is a sacral magic with access by only ONE- our Spiritual Father. The gang of three from 1990 could build a virtual world, but could NOT create a consciousness, which means they COULD NOT move their own consciousness into the virtual world. It wouldn’t be as bad if the filmmakers added somehow a spiritual aspect in here, even if it wasn’t that logical.

The love represented in the plot is hastily done too: a woman from the upper layer is cheating on her husband with a virtual character. Her explanation for that - the virtual character is nice, that why she falls in love with him – is insufficient.

The movie is ended abruptly without providing any explanation as to what this multilayered "matryoshka" actually means.

There are spiritually fancy words randomly dropped here and there and phrases in the plot such as déjà vu, "not in this life", soul, etc. However, they aren’t leading to any further explanations.

I have to admit that the "vinaigrette" content has been packaged in an entertaining way and probably gained a commercial success, HOWEVER, we have to be aware that trash movies could be far more dangerous than trash loans, with more unpredictable and dangerous consequences for humankind.

What is a learning message? I guess nobody knows. I m generously rating this movie by 2 stars.

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Spiritual Awakening in MoviesThe Truman Show (1998)

A cheerful movie full of optimism

Director: Peter Weir

Writer: Andrew Niccol

Protagonist: Jim Carrey

A cheerful movie full of optimism, hope & emphasizing the power an individual can have. I really enjoyed this tragicomedy with a spiritual core!

The plot is an allegory of a spiritual reality, which is created for the protagonist (and read between lines - for each every and human being) in order to develop his consciousness, i.e. a soul.

The “One man show” is about the challenge of ridding oneself of the illusion, the appeal of our materialistic reality; a Higher World (the director of the show and his crew, in the movie) invests a huge amount of time, resources and effort to see one human being’s evolution.  

Young and charming Jim Carrey is awesome in the role of Truman Burbank. That character is probably the most positive role Jim Carrey ever played.

The climax of the movie was when the director of the show dramatically increased the volume of the storm and Truman almost died in the waves. This could be considered as an allegory of a spiritual challenge and Burbank's victory.

The end is open: what will happen the next to this guy?

This movie is a wonderful sample how a very complex spiritual idea could be implemented into entertaining movie.


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Wings of Desire ( 1987)

Wings of Desire

Director: Wim Wenders

Main role: Bruno Ganz

I picked up this movie because City of Angels is inspired by it

What I like the most: a general idea of spiritual entities around human beings; the name of the movie.
What I dislike: pointless angels hanging around without any particular goal or idea.

The "Wings of Desire" might have been  an enjoyable movie  for the 80’s, but it doesn't look that great anymore.

The general dynamics of the movie is pretty slow, with over extended scenes and angels who seem to have nothing to do. Of course, then there is something to do in the sinful human world and… one of them falls!

The end of the plot is quite disgusting – a pensioner is picking up a woman 35-years younger than him. He doesn't even have a single word to tell her - just an action.
in my opinion, the lightening and camera-work are artistically done and I add a credit for that.

I have to admit that the remake, City of Angels, is developed much further as a spiritual awakening movie. But BIG thanks to Wings of Desire for innovation, which helped to create the remake!

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City of Angels (1998)

City of AngelsGentle supernatural romance with sad end

Director: Brad Silberling

In a few words, I would describe this movie as "human world vs angels city." An excellent implementation of the story, with intangible matters and thin entities in the movie. Great play of the main actors - Nicolas Cage, Meg Ryan.

The plot is based on the concept of Free Will, which allows any spiritual entity to make its own choice. Such a choice is done by Seth. Originally angel he started to desire to become a human due to his love for a woman. Seth got what he wanted, but his happiness wasn’t long lasting. The love story ends tragically, revealing the non-perfect humans world for what it is and pointing out the big risks of having a human' existence.

PS My dying husband was staring at something behind my left shoulder in the same manner as dying Meggie was watching behind Seth'ś shoulder. I was talking to him and he always looked at my face, but not that day. It was several hours before he was gone. I was curious what the entity was looking like, but I didn't ask. My intention was to encourage him for the transition to another world, but I was afraid that the entity had an awful appearance and I would spoil the last moments of his life by emphasizing on the matter. However, if "it" was looking like Seth- its not terrible at all and this gives me a release :).

Thank you for the wonderful movie helping us to clarify a reality beyond the border!  

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Elvira: Mistress of the Dark (1988)

Separate the wheat from the chaff

Director: James Signorelli

Writers: Sam EganJohn Paragon

Protagonist: Cassandra Peterson

ElviraWonderful movie with an excellent play by Cassandra Peterson, in the main role of seductive Elvira.

It's an action horror comedy about an ambitious, goal-driven entrepreneurial-minded entertainer, who appeared in the town of hypocrites. In this town she is experiencing ups and downs, taking risks, ripping off the masks from the goodies and even facing a real danger.

The movie is ending up with Elvira's victory and dreams coming true as a result.

The key learning message in the movie could be presented by the quote from Bible: "Separate the wheat from the chaff".


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The Wolf of Wall Street 

wolfThe way to Light via filth or high-risk taking approach on the way to PERFECTION 

Going for a DREAM is a "feature" of the direction towards LIGHT.

The main hero has a dream - to become rich. He also has the excellent sales skills - a help to implement his dream.

At the certain moment, the protagonist should make a choice- whether to keep a low-risk approach, to continue being nice with a low probability to achieve his dream or to take a high risk & sink into the filth with a higher probability to catch his dream. He chooses the second one.

Typically drugs, sex outside of the official marriage and commercial fraud are considered as weapons of Satan. However, in this particular story, these "weapons" are just a DETAIL on the way to perfection!

Amazing story, amazingly implemented. 10 points out of 10!  

Must to watch to the end!



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